Head Trainers: Ajay Vuliminari and Ed Rosado

Additional Trainers: Zack Grigioni, Justyn Carter, Jason Fox


6 Week Program 

Dates: Mondays

Cost: $250

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Drops Ins Only 5:30-6:50pm 


This is the flagship program in terms of velocity enhancement, arm care, proper off- season ramp up, functional movement training and high level throwing patterns. This is a very popular and high level training program that will be lead by Ajay Vuliminari, one of the most advanced arm performance trainers in the tri-state area, and Ed Rosado, a former Minor League Catcher for 15 plus years. This program is not only for pitchers, but for all position players in order to advance  players' need to build arm strength and maintain arm health. There is a process to doing so, one that many times is ignored to the detriment of players of all ages. 


Catcher’s will be doing the Arm Performance Program, and the Catching Program during each session.  Ed Rosado will be working with the catcher’s during the Arm Performance portion, then they will break off into their specific catching program.  It is imperative for catcher’s to build arm strength, along with developing proper footwork, ball to hand transfers, leg/hip mobility, blocking, and receiving the ball.  Pop times are the biggest measurable for catcher’s as they continue to get older.


In this program, all players will ramp up with strength and functional movement work followed by proper throwing progressions that are built to maximize their bodies to reach their throwing potential. Through this process, throw patterns are addressed in terms of what is and what is not effective in maximizing arm potential and health. Depending on your players age, the program takes into account different aspects of what each age group needs to promote the benefits above. We group players amongst like ages, this is not a program where very young players are mixed in with seniors in high school.


Ball Catcher

Winter Arm Performance & Behind the Dish Catching Program