Winter Swing & Strength Program

Head Trainers: Nick DelGozzo and Justyn Carter

Additional Trainers: Zack Grigioni, Tom Jakubowski, Jason Fox 


6 Week Program

Days: Tuesdays ($225) 

Location: Legends Ballpark


The Swing Performance and Strength Clinic is a high intensity, high level of focus, and high baseball i.q sessions.  We will prioritize developing the proper posture, upper/lower half mechanics, arm positioning, and strength throughout the swing.  Strength will be a main focus for us to help players maintain proper mechanics, consistently make loud contact, and progress in their exit velo/bat speed.  Prior to the start of the clinic a 6 week outline will be sent out explaining each focus for each week of the clinic. 

Session 2


Drops Ins Only 6:50-8:10