GloveWizards Presents Mid-Week Magic Defensive Program with Nick DelGozzo & Justyn Carter

Additional Trainers: Zack Grigioni, Tom Jakubowski, Jason Fox 


6 Week Program


Cost: $249


The Mid-Week Magic Defensive Program is for infielders and outfielders who want to become an elite level defender.  Baseball is about collecting outs the most efficient way possible, our goal in this program is to develop each player's footwork, glovework, body control, and confidence to help them become more efficient.  Sessions will be fast paced, with a high amount of reps, we train this way to help with the overall player’s endurance, speed and range.  Take your defense to the next level this offseason!    

Training Emphasis:

  • Increase Foot Speed

  • Enhance Body Control

  • Develop Glovework/Glove Path

  • Ability to judge a groundball/flyball

  • Ability to maintain proper fielding posture

  • Increase Confidence level in fielding

  • Mental Training on Defense


Session 2


Drop Ins Only 6:50-8:10pm 



Drop Ins Only 6:50-8:10pm 


Mid-Week Magic Defensive Program