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Legends Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance program improves functional movement for the physical demands of competition and life. We help all athletes from all spectrums of sports and life to understand and grow their bodies for strong sport performances and help all athletes to tap into their Elite abilities. Our programs place intense focus on force production development/speed, lateral movement/change of direction, strength/power, mobility, and flexibility. Each athlete, and their personal development, matters to us so we cater to the growth and needs of the individual.



Prior to an athlete beginning a membership or personal training program package, each athlete must complete a short body movement assessment. The assessment/evaluation allows the trainer to understand any body limitations of movement weaknesses/opportunities. Once the evaluation is completed, the athlete and parents will meet with the Program Manager, to discuss trainer and athlete pairing, as well as to discuss the goals of the athlete. Athlete progression will be revisited every 4 months.

Man Doing Pushup

Speed & Agility (S&A)

Our Speed & Agility (S&A) program focuses on proper running mechanics, posture, linear speed, and COD quickness/burst. The importance of posture and proper mechanics often allows an athlete to properly apply force efficiently and into the ground, all while minimizing time on the ground. Since linear speed and COD burst are important to all athletes, we cater to help an athlete to understand absorption of burst, while preparing the body for straight line burst and sudden change to lateral movement.

Ashtanga Yoga


Rest and recovery is an essential part of any workout routine. Your after-exercise recovery routine has a big impact on your fitness gains and sports performance and allows you to train much more effectively.  Our Sports Performance Training includes specialized recovery days to ensure essential muscle and tissue repair and strength building occurs.

Gym Equipments

Chose the number of sessions that meets your needs:

  • 6 pack sessions: $450

  • 12 pack sessions: $800

  • 20 pack sessions: $1300

  • 32 pack sessions: $2000

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S&A Packages

​Membership and Package Details:

  • All money is due upfront for memberships and packages.

  • Membership classes do not roll over to the following month.

  • All packages have a one-year expiration date (i.e. package begins 1/1/2021, package sessions expire 1/1/2022)

Active Man

B.A.S.E (Baserunning, Agility & Speed Essentials)

Within this specialized program, we aim to combine Speed and Agility mechanics and help improve the explosiveness and speed need on the base paths. We highly recommend that baseball and softball specific athletes are signed up for this class. This program covers base path leads, explosive secondaries, tag up burst and management of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears, which are useful for turning singles into doubles, doubles into triples and triples into Inside the Park Homeruns. This program uses proper body mechanics and resistance training to enhance Type II muscles.

Cross Fit Class

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning program aims to build strength and power for the athlete’s body and synonymous to force production. This program will enhance athletic performance, mobility, muscle growth and reduce risk of injury. This program aims to introduce and maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle, using plyometrics, resistance training and use of weights.

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